Soul Virgins

Redefining SINGLE Sexuality

by Douglas Rosenau and Michael Todd Wilson

Soul Virgins has been revised and expanded in Dr. Rosenau’s new book (published posthumously) Single & Sexually Whole. Jump over and check it out!

Sex and sexuality are hot topics these days. But many single adults are tired of the “how far is too far?” approach because it doesn’t go far enough. Why does the discussion stop at the physical? What about the deeper spiritual and relational aspects of sexuality? Pioneering Christian sex therapists Doug Rosenau and Michael Todd Wilson team up in this helpful and hopeful book about understanding sexuality and intimacy beyond what our “do it if it feels good” culture says it is. Providing a much-needed spiritual perspective to the sexuality debate, the authors tackle difficult topics from a biblical foundation to help single adults establish practical models for maintaining purity and creating a healthy sexuality. With real-life personal stories, Soul Virgins helps singles accept their sexuality as a godly discipline. Rosenau and Wilson provide a 3-D discussion of body, soul, and spirit that proves sexuality is ultimately more about relational intimacy than just the physical act of sex.

This book was originally published by Baker Books. This reprint contains identical text with a new cover and internal layout.

From the Back Cover

When “How far is too far?” doesn’t go far enough Most books on single adult sexuality limit the discussion to the physical. But there’s more to your sexuality than your body. It’s time to look at the big picture and talk about sex in terms of body, soul, and spirit–that’s soul virginity. Soul virgins are single people who seek to celebrate God’s design for sexuality in themselves and others. With solid biblical principles, practical tips, and candid discussions, Soul Virgins can help you create a foundation for sexual wholeness you’ll be happy to embrace at any stage of life!

“With great wisdom and remarkable insight, Rosenau and Wilson escort singles into a much fuller understanding of the beautiful gift that God has woven into the fibers of their being–their sexuality. This is a must-read for Christian singles!”–Shannon Ethridge, coauthor, Every Young Woman’s Battle

“It’s rare to find a book with content that is new and original, but this long-overdue book is just that. This book will make you laugh, make you think, make you squirm, challenge some of your assumptions. I guarantee that this is a book you will want to read more than once.”–Gary J. Oliver, executive director, Center for Relationship Development at John Brown University

“A freeing book on single sexuality, Soul Virgins combines biblical wisdom with grace and humor. Single adults will appreciate the frankness and personal relevance the authors bring to this crucial topic.”–Greg Smalley, coauthor, The DNA of Relationships; professor, Center for Relationship Development at John Brown University

From Publishers Weekly

Sex therapists Rosenau (A Celebration of Sex) and Wilson attempt to give Christian singles a new framework for understanding and expressing their sexuality. They encourage readers to step back and consider God’s design for sex—intimacy as opposed to just physicality—and provide suggestions for meeting their intimacy needs in nonsexual ways. While the authors cover that age-old question, “How far can I go?” (the answer varies for different couples, but they advise avoiding anything that would be covered by a bikini), their real aim is to get singles to ask the question, “How do I grow, stay pure, and help my partner become more sexually whole?” The authors advise restraint, but stress that this should be viewed as disciplining “sexual surges” out of a desire to follow God rather than merely repressing desires to fit in with the church’s standards. Some of the advice is not fresh or terribly helpful (i.e., singles groups can feel better by giving each other back rubs), and while the authors share examples from their own lives, the writing at times feels overly clinical. But this book may appeal to Christian singles trying to understand and live out God’s purposes for their sexuality. (May)    © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

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Douglas Rosenau, EdD

Douglas E. Rosenau, Ed.D. (1947-2022), was a Licensed Psychologist and Marriage and Family Therapist, specializing in sex therapy. For over thirty years he maintained a private practice, acquiring skills and gaining experience while listening to over 50,000 hours of stories. Doug used this practical wisdom in authoring A Celebration of Sex, co-authoring A Celebration Guidebook; A Celebration of Sex After 50; and Soul Virgins: Redefining Single Sexuality. He was a nationally known conference speaker who loved to mentor and encourage. He was passionate about helping to equip and empower church leaders to teach healthy sexuality within their communities as he sought to fulfill his calling to “cultivate a sexually health Church.” Doug served as an adjunct professor at Richmont Graduate University in Atlanta, Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, MS, Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, and Dallas Theological Seminary.

Michael Todd Wilson

Michael Todd (“MT”) Wilson, LPC, BCC earned his BBA in Actuarial Science from Georgia State University and began his career working for a well-respected consulting firm. After several years, MT returned to graduate school to pursue licensure as a professional counselor, earning a Masters in Counseling from Georgia State University and a Certificate in Christian Counseling from Psychological Studies Institute (now Richmont Graduate University). He has been a Licensed Professional Counselor for over fifteen years.

 As a certified sex therapist, MT was a co-founder of the Intimacy Counseling Center in Suwanee, Georgia, along with Dr. Doug Rosenau, Dr. Michael Sytsma, and Vickie George. He also serves as director and co-founder of ShepherdCare, a nonprofit ministry that offers support and training for ministers by promoting health and long-term effectiveness in ministry.

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