Total Intimacy

A Guide to Loving by Color

by Douglas Rosenau and Deborah Neel


Bonding intimate companionship


Sensuous, romantic lovers


Erotic playmates, passionate lovemaking

Total Intimacy and loving by color can inspire a rich, vibrant sex life! Loving by color beautifully creates a picture of marital love reflective of God’s true design—a balanced, complete intimacy that fosters play, trust, communication, anticipation, laughter, and sexual fulfillment. Couples can now share a language to assist them in intentionally practicing and including each of the colors that represent a crucial category of intimacy. All three colors combine to kindle the synergy of Total Intimacy and an exciting marriage with amazing lovemaking. The colors include: the Green intimacy of a bonding intimate companionship; the Purple intimacy of coupling as sensuous, romantic lovers with delightful flirting; and the Orange intimacy of erotic playmates and passionate lovemaking. A primary purpose of Total Intimacy: A Guide to Loving by Color is to transform blocked or disappointing lovemaking into a richly satisfying experience and to rebuild sexual intimacy after the trauma of sexual abuse or infidelity. Wives are encouraged to find their own sexual voice, as spouses embrace their unique desire for sexual connecting—and to encourage wise husbands to listen for her voice. In addition, it is a great read for reigniting a sex life grown stale or adding sparks to an already fun and fulfilling love life.

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Douglas Rosenau, EdD

Douglas E. Rosenau, Ed.D. (1947-2022), was a Licensed Psychologist and Marriage and Family Therapist, specializing in sex therapy. For over thirty years he maintained a private practice, acquiring skills and gaining experience while listening to over 50,000 hours of stories. Doug used this practical wisdom in authoring A Celebration of Sex, co-authoring A Celebration Guidebook; A Celebration of Sex After 50; and Soul Virgins: Redefining Single Sexuality. He was a nationally known conference speaker who loved to mentor and encourage. He was passionate about helping to equip and empower church leaders to teach healthy sexuality within their communities as he sought to fulfill his calling to “cultivate a sexually health Church.” Doug served as an adjunct professor at Richmont Graduate University in Atlanta, Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, MS, Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, and Dallas Theological Seminary.

Deborah Neel

Deborah C. Neel, Ph.D. is a Licensed Psychologist, a certified Health Services Provider - Psychologist (HSP-P) and Certified Sex Therapist (AASECT and ABCST). Early in her career she taught special education and then served as a School Psychologist with a local school system. She works closely with other healthcare providers, housing her office at one time within a pediatrician's office and most recently within an OB/GYN clinic. She has worked with children, parents, and spouses in her private practice for the past 30+ years, specializing in marital and sex therapy for the last ten. Debbie co-authored A Celebration of Sex Guidebook and a biblically based curriculum (workbook & DVD), Covenant Lovers: God's Plan for a Celebration of Sex. She speaks locally and nationally, conducting workshops, seminars and retreats on marital intimacy. Debbie helps train professional and lay people to teach God's design of healthy marital sexuality.

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Formats and Purchasing

Looking to purchase a copy? Total Intimacy is availble wherever books are sold in the following formats.

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